Dungeons & Dragons

The Dungeons & Dragons pen and paper roleplaying game is more popular than ever before! In our D&D camps, campers develop and run their own adventures, as well as play through the adventures of their friends!

Have you ever wanted to be a Dungeon Master and design your own dungeons, monsters, and fabulous treasure? With Dungeons & Dragons camp, students are taken through the process step by step and design an exciting dungeon, learn how to layout rooms and traps to create a fun and challenging adventure, and create a map for players. Each player will get to run their classmates through their dungeon at the end of the week!

The Classic Dungeon
July 2 – July 6
1pm – 4pm

Imagine a trio of adventurers sneaking fearfully through the dark catacombs of an ancient tomb, their only guide being the light of their dwindling torch. Swords and bows drawn, and magic staffs clutched tightly, they descend ever deeper. What brought them to this forsaken place, where ancient evils stir? What made them leave the comfort of their beds and security of life in the village? Tales of riches – chests overflowing with golden coins, ancient magical knowledge, and swords of mystical power from forgotten kings and forgotten wars.

In this Camp, students will study the art of making a fearsome and exciting dungeon delve. Where heroes are dirty and desperate, survival is not guaranteed, and one reigns supreme above all else: gold. Everyone will get plenty of opportunities to play D&D, too, as they create characters and play through their friends’ dungeons.

DungeonHomebrewMaking Homebrew Content
July 23 – July 27
1pm – 4pm

Do you have ideas for your own unique races, classes, magic items, or something else? Come to the D&D Homebrew Content and learn how to take your cool ideas and refine them into something that works at the table with veteran Dungeon Master Bo Banducci.

Campers are introduced to the iterative development cycle. They’ll create a piece of homebrew content, playtest it with their friends, get feedback, improve on the original design based on the feedback, then rinse and repeat! And it all happens in the context of playing through exciting adventures.

The Adventure
August 13 – August 17
1pm – 4pm

Ah, the Dungeons & Dragons adventure. A mixture of town exploration, NPC negotiating, wilderness survival, and dungeon delving, all leading towards a climactic showdown with a cunning villain. In this session, campers play through an exciting and deadly scenario, then dissect and discuss it from a Dungeon Master’s perspective to study what makes for a successful adventure.