Game Development

GameDevelopmentBannerWelcome to the Game Development classes at NuGames Summer of Code! We are very excited to bring you our third year of Game Development classes! We’ve taken everything we’ve learned in the past two years and created a brand new set of classes and curriculum to maximize your student’s fun and accomplishments!

Each class begins with a complete game, a template, that students will customize to make their own. For example, in Cyber Escape, students will begin with an animated player sprite, a set of empty levels, and a set of obstacles and powerups that need to be placed in those levels. Students will build their own levels by obstacles and powerups. For further customization, many parameters of the games can be tweaked. In this way, students immediately get to begin designing and building their own game and gain experience with using the Unity 3D engine, all without needing to write any code.

Every class also includes mandatory playtesting sessions where campers play each others games and provide valuable feedback. Learning how to respond to this feedback, both good and bad, is another skill to learn!

And now, we are excited to present the six games we will be making this summer!

01BCyber EscapeGame Development 01: Cyber Escape
June 18 – June 22
1pm – 4pm
Skill Level: Any

Cyber Escape is a side-scrolling “endless runner” game. Players guide their character through the mean streets of a sci-fi dystopia in a desperate bid to escape the clutches of Big Brother. Players will jump and duck past obstacles, avoid Security Robots, and pick up collect powerups to win.

As Game Designers, students must create a difficulty curve that eases new players into the game. The first level should teach players what to expect. By the end, players should be masters of the game and ready to take on tough challenges to win. The Cyber Escape template allows leeway for a fledgeling game designer to experiment with various parameters, such as speed and health of the player, placement of obstacles, enemies, and powerups, effects of powerups, etc.

Students who complete the class will gain experience working with the Unity 3D game engine as a game and level designer. They will also gain exposure to valuable product development concepts like intuitiveness.

ArcadeRacer_noboGame Development 02: Arcade Racer
June 25 – June 29
1pm – 4pm
Skill Level: Any

Arcade Racer is a fantastic racing game based around larger-than-life tracks, obstacles, and power-ups. Players face off against AI opponents on a circuit of tracks and try to finish first.

Students must design and build their race tracks from scratch. Students can also customize the behavior of AI opponents and design custom powerups. Using Unity’s powerful 3D geometry tools, there is no limit to what sorts of tracks can be made, from realistic ovals to impossible chasm leaps. Students can also add weapons to the vehicles to introduce extra mayhem!

Students who complete this class will gain experience in using the Unity 3D engine as a game and level designer.

BuilderBuddiesGame Development 03: Builder Buddies
July 9 – July 13
1pm – 4pm
Skill Level: Any

Builder Buddies is about two obsessive construction workers who feel compelled to build tall towers out of the every day objects they find around them! Players find themselves in unusual environments and must overcome realistic physics to stack items to create a tall tower! On a farm, that might mean building a tower out of hay bales, tractors, cows, and the poor farmer who lives there!

Students will create levels and model objects that players will use to build towers. Students will gain experience in 3D modeling and texturing, as well as developing fiendish puzzles for players to solve!

04BTheDungeonGame Development 04: The Dungeon
July 16 – July 20
1pm – 4pm
Skill Level: Any

The Dungeon is a top-down action game inspired by the GAUNTLET arcade game. Players explore a medieval-fantasy dungeon full of terror, traps, and treasure. Players must conserve their health and ammo while collecting treasure from around the levels. Then they spend the treasure for powerful items and upgrades to take on the final boss!

Students are given animated player characters, enemies, traps, and must build the levels around them with Unity’s excellent tile-map tools. Students will learn how to create a fun level from scratch through an iterative process. Students will be able to customize enemies, power-ups, traps, player attributes, and more.

After completing this course, students will have a multi-level GAUNTLET-like game that they can share online with family and friends.

05BMonsterZoneGame Development 05: Monster Zone
July 30 – Aug 3
1pm – 4pm
Skill Level: Any

In Monster Zone, players find themselves trapped in lost world full of beasts of all shapes and sizes. In their bid to escape, players will navigate difficult terrain, scavenge for resources, run from monsters, and even tame some of the creatures of this land to fight for them!

Students will build the levels that players must make it through, populating them with monsters, some to be captured and some to run from, and hide valuable resources that must be found.

After completing this course, students will have game and level-design experience with Unity 3D, and experience creating an entertainment product. Can be shared with friends and family!

06BGladiatorsGame Development 06: Gladiators
Aug 6 – Aug 10
1pm – 4pm
Skill Level: Any

Gladiators is a top-down, 2D action game with online multiplayer! Players choose from a cast of distinct gladiators and then enter a fantastic arena to battle to the bloody end!

Students will design their cast of gladiators by customizing player abilities and attributes like speed, strength, and toughness. Next they will design the arenas of battle, include size, shape, and interactive elements like spike traps and falling blocks!

Students who complete the course will gain exposure to the obstacles posed by real-time networked multiplayer games, as will as the complicated task of “balancing” competitive multiplayer games.

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